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The best typical wines of Malaga

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Do you want to know which is the typical wine of Malaga, don't worry, because from visitanddo, a trustworthy company for your excursions in AndalusiaIn this post we will detail the best typical wines of Malaga and where to taste them.

Malaga is known for its wine-growing tradition, with a wide wine catalogue (reds, whites, rosés and even sparkling wines) that delight the most demanding palates. There are two denominations of origin: D.O. Malaga, among which are those sweet winesand D.O. Sierras de Málaga, among these wines the most outstanding are the whites and reds.

Typical wines of Malaga: The sweet wine

typical malaga wine

The Sweet wine is the typical wine of Malaga and the most famous wine of the region, it has captivated wine lovers all over the world with its exquisite taste and rich history. It is made from sultanas and has a sweet and fruity taste. You can find different varieties, such as the Pedro Ximénez and the MuscatelThese are intense and concentrated sweet wines, perfect to enjoy as dessert wines or with an aperitif.

Special mention should also be made of another typical Malaga wine, the Cartojala delicious sweet, fresh and tasty wine made with grapes of the Muscatel of Alexandria variety (grown in the Axarquia region), especially popular during the Malaga Fairwhere it becomes the official drink of the festival, can be enjoyed all year round.

Whether you are passionate about wine or simply interested in discovering new oenological gems, I invite you to explore the typical wine of Malaga and let yourself be captivated by its flavour.

The best wines of Malaga

As we have said, Malaga has a wide range of high quality winesWhether they are red, white, rosé, sweet or even sparkling wines, the choice of the best wines in Malaga can be subjective. However, the choice of the best wines in Malaga can be subjective, as it depends on the personal tastes and preferences of each individual.

Dry white wines: Malaga produces dry white wines of great quality, thanks to the Mediterranean climate of the region, together with the variety of indigenous grapes, giving rise to fresh and aromatic whites. Some popular varieties are Muscat of Alexandria, the Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc. These white wines are ideal with fish, seafood and light dishes.

A good option is the Bentomiz Wineryspecialises in the production of white wines and stands out for its wine "Ariyanas Blanco" or the "Ariyanas Blanco". Doña Felisa Winerywhich offers the white wine "Babo", made with the Moscatel de Alejandría variety.

malaga wine

Red wines: Malaga reds are known for their unique, balanced character and intense flavours. Grape varieties such as Tinta Roriz, Syrah and Tempranillo are used to make reds with notes of black fruits, spices and soft tannins. These wines are ideal for pairing with red meats, cured cheeses and game dishes.

In this case, the winery Descalzos Viejosproduces high quality red wines in Ronda (Malaga) or Moncloa Estatewhich is a blend of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. Here you will undoubtedly be able to enjoy the typical wine of Malaga.

Sparkling Wines: Spusomo wine is another typical Malaga wine, made using the traditional method, which gives them fine bubbles and an elegant texture. They are perfect for celebrations and special occasions. Some outstanding wineries produce excellent sparkling wines in the region.

Highlighting Royal Tearis a dry and elegant sparkling wine, with fine bubbles and fruity notes, or the Malaga Secco (produced by wineries such as Quitapenas), made from Moscatel de Alejandría grapes and with balanced acidity, fine bubbles and citrus and floral notes.

Last, but not least, there are the sweet wines from Malagawhich will be discussed at greater length below.

Where to taste the best typical wines of Malaga?

malaga wine

A fundamental part of enjoying the sweet wines of Malaga is the tasting experience. These are some wineries that offer a wide selection of typical Malaga wines and we recommend visiting if you have the opportunity to do so: Bentomiz Winery, Jorge Ordóñez Winery, Dimobe Winery y Quitapenas Winery.

You can also find taverns and speciality restaurants in local wines and offer an extensive list of Malaga wines. Some recommended places include Antigua Casa de Guardia, El Tapeo de Cervantes and La Deriva Vinoteca.

Many of these wines have a great reputation both nationally and internationally for their unique taste and the uniqueness of the local grape. So if you are thinking of travelling to Malaga this year, don't hesitate to try the sweet wines you will find during your visit.

Now that you know the typical wine of Malaga and all the places where you will have the opportunity to explore and taste the different wines, we invite you to read our post: What to see in Malaga in 3 days - The perfect route.

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