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Frequently asked questions

Solve all your doubts and if you still have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Complete the registration form on the "Register" button, indicating the company's tax information.
Registration must always be completed with a company email address.

No, our system is completely free of charge and has no permanence fees.

We offer a fixed commission of 20% on the retail price of the services we offer on Visitanddo.com.

Commissions will be paid according to the excursions enjoyed in the previous month. For example, if you book an activity in January for March, the commission is paid in April, to avoid the costs of cancelled activities. 

You can request payment of commissions through our billing team by submitting an invoice for the total amount of your commissions. 

We pay all commissions on confirmed bookings that are charged, however, if a customer cancels their booking and reclaims payment, the commission will be deducted.

All excursions are confirmed immediately and payment is made at the time of booking by credit card, debit card or Paypal.

The client will receive confirmation by email, this email can be shown to our guide from any device. 

There is no blocking of places. All excursions must be paid in full at the time of booking.

For our part, we assume responsibility for paying all commissions generated by confirmed bookings that have been made and charged. Even in cases of non-refundable cancellations, we will compensate you with a commission, as we have received payment for that service.

It is important to note that if a customer cancels a booking, makes a card payment complaint or fraud is detected, we will deduct the corresponding fee from the next payment.

Being a partner of Visitanddo.com is a way in which you as a company can earn commissions by promoting our excursions, either through special links, which we will provide you with once you register or by accessing the special booking system for your user. 

To become a Visitanddo.com partner, you need to have a website, blog or social media profile related to travel or a related topic.

There are several ways to promote our excursions as a partner. You can use your website, blog, social media, email and other digital marketing channels to share affiliate links to a specific landing page that we will tell you about once you sign up. In addition, you can create relevant content, such as travel guides or recommendations, to attract potential customers interested in the tours.

Yes, we have a system with API. Therefore, if you are interested please contact us for more information and we will provide you with the tools to implement custom widgets quickly and easily. 

Bidding on the brand name "Visitanddo.com" or any other related keyword in Google AdWords or other contextual advertising platforms is prohibited.

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