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Traditions and festivals of Malaga and Province

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There are a number of important dates to note on your calendar, there are traditions and festivals in Malaga and the province that are celebrated throughout the year. All of them have to do with festivities and the celebration of specific events such as Easter, Carnival or Christmas.

Today we discover when the traditions and festivals of Malaga and its province are celebrated, so that you can organise a getaway to this beautiful city in the south of Andalusia.

Malaga Carnival

Among Malaga's traditions and festivities, its carnival is one of the most entertaining.
Comparsa performing in the city of Málaga

The Malaga Carnival is one of the most enjoyable festivals in the province and is enjoyed between the months of January and February. Groups from all over Andalusia and Spain gather at the Cervantes Theatre to celebrate the Carnival of Malaga. COACMLG - Official Competition of the Singing Groupings with different songs, quartets, comparsas and murgas.

This party ends with the burial of the anchovy. It is a giant anchovy that is taken in procession to the beach, normally La Malagueta, and once there it is burnt, in this way the people of Malaga bid farewell to the carnival until the following year.

The Malaga Carnival website has all the necessary information about this festival in Malaga.

Easter Week in Malaga

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Nazarenes in Holy Week in Malaga

One of the biggest events that brings together hundreds of people and it is about a festival declared to be of International Tourist Interest is Holy WeekThe city is a mixture of baroque art, colour and splendour.

It is a party with a great local attraction for locals, but also for tourists, who come together to see the different brotherhoods that unfold through the streets of the city of Malaga with their Nazarenes, penitents, musical bands, incense and processional.

It is quite a spectacle and lasts for a week, from Palm Sunday with the procession of the pollinica, Holy Monday with the Lord of Malaga: the captive, Holy Thursday with the famous procession of the legion and Sunday with the resurrected.

Midsummer Night in Malaga

youth group playa noche
Group of people on the beach at sunset in San Juan

The night of 23 June is known as the night of San Juan. Most of the beaches in the province of Malaga are full of people lighting bonfires to burn the Júas, rag dolls used to ward off bad luck.

Tradition requires that those who wish to can jump over the fire, as well as dip their feet in the beach at midnight as a sign of good luck and the beginning of summer.

Find out more about the night of San Juan in Malaga and Cadiz.

Malaga Fair

The Malaga Fair in Calle Larios
Larios Street Malaga Fair

The Malaga Fair is celebrated in the month of August, always coinciding with the 19th of August, because this day in 1487 the city of Malaga was attached to the Crown of Castile by the Catholic Monarchs..

Visitors from all over the world come to celebrate Malaga's week-long fair, enjoying a festive atmosphere with music, lanterns, stalls, Carthaginian wine and frilly, polka-dotted costumes.

Christmas in Malaga

Christmas lights in Malaga
Christmas lights in Malaga

One of the most special times of the year in the city of Malaga is the arrival of Christmas, when the most normal thing is the visit the famous lighting of the Larios streetso beautiful that it will leave you speechless.

From the end of November until the beginning of January, the Christmas lights, the smell of sweets and the stalls of festive decorations make this one of the most pleasant times of the year. In addition Malaga has been declared in the last years as one of the most popular Europe's most beautiful cities at Christmas.

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