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Malaga Fair 2022

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The Malaga Fair, together with the Malaga Holy Week, is one of the most important festivals celebrated every year in the city of Malaga.

In this fair there is something for everyone, from food and drink to music and dance. From Visitanddo we tell you all the details so that you can experience the Malaga fair like a real Malagueño.

Brief history of the Malaga Fair

The Malaga Fair is also known as the Feria de Agosto (August Fair) and is celebrated during this month because 19 August 1487 was the capture of the city of Malaga.The Catholic Monarchs incorporated it into the Crown of Castile.

Every 19th August a historical parade is held to commemorate this day, with costumes from the time of the capture of the city by the Catholic Monarchs, through the centre of the city and ending at Malaga Cathedral.

What day does the Malaga Fair 2022 start?

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Fireworks on the beach in Malaga

The Malaga Fair 2022 will be held from 13 to 20 August in the capital city of Malagawill begin with the traditional fireworks on Friday 12 August on the Malagueta and Huelin beaches. from 23.50h. This year brings a new drone light show - don't miss it!

When is the Malaga Fair 2022 opening speech?

In previous editions the opening speech has been held on the Friday before the fireworks, but this year it will take place on the Friday before the fireworks. first Saturday 13th August at the front of the Real de la Feria at 21:30h.before the lighting of the lights at 22:00h. The pregonera will be the Malaga singer-songwriter Maria Pelae known for her hit 'La Niña'.

What to see and do at the Malaga Fair?

It is considered one of the most important fairs in Spain and is a key event to get to know the culture of the city. However, it is not like the Seville fair where most of the stands are privately owned, in Malaga almost all of them are open to anyone who wishes to access them..

The day fair in the centre of Malaga

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Calle Larios in Malaga Fair

It is held in the centre of Malaga where there will be live music every day from 12:00h in the Plaza de la Constitución, Plaza del Obispo, Plaza de las Flores and Plaza San Pedro de Alcántara until 18:00h when the music will end and only licensed establishments will be allowed to enter.

Here you can enjoy the main entrance at the beginning of Calle Larios and along the length of the street adorned with lanterns and flowers. It is also very popular to find people dressed in flamenco costumes and the typical "pandas de verdiales" singing.

In the Plaza de la Merced there will be a space for the little ones of the house where they can enjoy games, theatre workshops, puppets and more surprises every day from Sunday 14th August from 12:00h to 15.30h.

The Real de Málaga Fair

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Real Fair in Malaga

It is held at the Cortijo de Torres Fairgrounds, both day and night, with activities taking place in the Auditorium, the Youth Esplanade, the famous stalls, as well as children's activities in the Municipal Children's stall from 21:30h.

During every night there are live performances in the auditorium of Malaga from 22.30 free of charge, such as:

  • Saturday 13th August: 'Gran Gala' with Carlos Baute, Efecto Mariposa and Hermanos Ortigosa.
  • Sunday 13 August: Señor Mirinda - Noctámbulos (Coti and Zenet)
  • Tuesday 16 August: Encarni Navarro - Antonio Carmona
  • Wednesday 17 August: Justo Gómez - Vivancos
  • Thursday 18 August: Morta - María del Monte

New this year, the following concerts are paying concerts:

Programme of the Malaga Fair 2022

Here you can access the full programme of the Malaga Fair 2022. to see all the activities taking place both at the Malaga City Centre Fair and at the Malaga Royal Fair.

How to get to the Malaga Fair?

The best option without a doubt is to forget the car and use Malaga's public transport or walk from your home or accommodation to any of the venues.

A special bus service will be available during the Malaga Fair 2022, the F linewhich connects the centre with the real one and will be operational 24 hours a day, the price per trip is €2 and can be paid in cash or by credit card.

As a regular line you can also use lines 4, 18, 19, 20 and 22 to get around at the regular price (€1.40 for a single ticket) during the daytime service, which from 20:00h will change to the special fair service and will cost €2.

You can also get around by taxi, VTC or private transfers.

Excursions from Malaga

If you are one of those who prefer to live without the Malaga Fair 2022, although we highly recommend it, you can also you can alternate it with activities from Malaga and from Costa del Sol. to enjoy a day out of the city centre with our day trips from Malaga or take advantage of the mornings to visit the city of Malaga.

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