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What to see in Caminito del Rey: 10 must-sees during your visit

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Among the essential things to visit and do in the province of Malaga, you can't miss the opportunity to take the path considered the most dangerous in the world: El Caminito del Rey, which has applied to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Here is a list of 10 must-haves what to see in Caminito del Rey so that when you do it you have your camera ready and your eyes wide open so as not to miss any detail.

1. Conde del Guadalhorce Reservoir

Guadalhorce reservoir
Guadalhorce reservoir

About 200 metres from the restaurant El Kiosko you will find the dam of the Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir. This reservoir was built between 1914 and 1921 by the engineer Rafael Benjumea for the integrated use of the three rivers Turón, Guadalhorce and Guadalteba. The dams are in operation and are in a perfect state of conservation. A large natural area has been created around the dams, rich in plant and animal species and conducive to the development of outdoor activities.

2. The King's Chair

King's Chair
King's Chair

Next to the Conde del Guadalhorce dam is a set of two benches, an armchair and a table made of stone, where King Alfonso XIII signed the completion of the works on the reservoir. From this viewpoint you can see the Casa del ingeniero or Casa del Conde, which are not currently open to the public.

3. Tunnel of the Taphonis

Taphonomic formations
Taphonomic formations

As you continue along the path before reaching the northern access you will pass through a short tunnel called the "Túnel de los Tafonis" and a bridge. Taphonis are cavities in sandstone rock created by erosion.. In fact, once you pass through the tunnel you will see 4 caves of this type.

4. Gaitanejo Power Station

Gaitanejo Power Station
Gaitanejo Power Station

Before going to the first footbridge you will start to pass through a section known as the Gaitanejo gorge, it is about 10 metres wide and from here you will admire the Guadalhorce river flowing at your feet, a viewpoint that will leave you speechless and the old electric circuit of the area as you cross it. the smallest and narrowest throat about 5 metres wide.

5. The Chocolate Staircase

The Chocolate Stairs of the Caminito del Rey
The Chocolate Stairs of the Caminito del Rey

After 1 kilometre you will see the opening of the gorge and you will make the descent to the river down some curious concrete steps.The 'Chocolate Staircase', better known as the 'Chocolate Staircase', due to its curious shape, leads to a small tunnel that will take you to the next point of interest.

6. The King's Bridge at the Tajo de las Palomas (Pigeon Gorge)

king's bridge
King's Bridge

In the area of El Tajo de las Palomas you will see a footbridge known as the famous Puente del Rey (King's Bridge) in the middle of the route, where Alfonso XIII crossed to take the railway opposite and end his visit.. It in turn connects with the Mirador del Talud next to the railway and the cave of El Toro, which was once used by the blacksmiths to install the original footbridge.

7. Valle del Hoyo

Valle del Hoyo
Views from the Caminito del Rey to the Hoyo Valley

After 1.5 kilometres from the start of the route at the northern access, you will enter a lush valley, which is pleasant and refreshing thanks to its vegetation.

In this area it's great to make a short stop for a drink of water and a snack by the the Pond of Sapillo Pintojowhere you will find a small pond where you can usually see this species of amphibian.

At the end of this journey you will see the ruins of the Casa del HoyoThe site was once the home of peasants from the neighbouring villages and where the Berbers lived at the time.

8. Mirador de Cristal in the Gran Gaitan Gorge

Mirador de Cristal and in the background the train tracks at the Caminito del Rey
Mirador de Cristal and in the background the train tracks at the Caminito del Rey

One of the most anticipated parts of the Caminito is the start of the Gran Gaitan canyon, which is a 600 metre walk along narrow footbridges at 100 metres high along the canyon walls.

A few metres away you will find the famous Mirador de Cristal from where you can observe everything below your feet through its transparent glass. You will then continue to admire the remains of the old footbridge of the Caminito del Rey under the new one, as well as a huge wall where the railway runs.

9. Suspension bridge over the Gaitanes Gorge

Caminito del Rey, Gaitanes Gorge
View of the suspension bridge and canal pipe at the Caminito del Rey.

Ready for the main course? This is one of the most attractive and at the same time most exciting sections of the visit to the Caminito del Rey. crossing the 32-metre long suspension bridge at a height of 105 metres. Enjoy the views!

10. The views of El Chorro

Views of the Swamp
El Chorro reservoir

Finally, once you cross the suspension bridge, you will appear in the gorge at the front where the famous El Chorro reservoirThe path is a short walk down the stairs that will take you to the exit of the Caminito del Rey at the southern access.

At the exit you will find the control hut to leave your safety helmet, some toilets and stalls to buy food and drink. 200 metres from the exit you will find the train stop at El Chorro station and the shuttle bus stop to return from the south access to the north access, this shuttle bus costs €2 per person, remember to bring cash.

If you want to continue preparing your visit to enjoy this exciting adventure that will leave you speechless, discover 10 facts you'll want to know before you do the Caminito del Rey.

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