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The 8 gates of the Medina of Tetouan

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The Medina of TetouanThe city, located in Morocco, is a fascinating place full of history. It is surrounded by a wall with several gates, which are important entry and exit points to and from the ancient city.

The doors ("bab" in Arabic) in Morocco are of great historical, cultural and architectural importance, play multiple roles and symbolise much more than just an access point. symbol of protection, local identity or welcome.

The 8 gates of the Medina of Tetouan

1. Okla or Queen's Bab Gate

El Okla Gate This is one of the main gates of the Medina of Tetouan and the best known. It is also known as the Queen's Gate.

The Okla Gate This is one of the main gates of the Medina of Tetouan and the best known. It is also known as the Queen's GateIt was here that the soldiers of Isabella II stood guard during the occupation of the city in 1860. 

This gate is a popular entry point for visitors and leads into a maze of narrow, lively streets. On the left we enter the Suica neighbourhoodthe oldest area of the Medina, here you will find the Jadida Mosque 17th century, as well as communicating with the streets of the Mellah quarter.

2. Bab Jiaf Gate

Gates of the Medina of Tetouan: Bab Jiaf Gate

Bab Jiaf is one of the 8 gates of Tetouan, located in the northeast of the city, and was built in the 17th century. This gate was closed and was only opened for the burials of the Jewish community. Today, this cemetery is completely enclosed by a wall.

3. Bab Nuader Gate or "Fez Gate".

Gates of the Medina of Tetouan: the Fez Gate

Bab NuaderIt is also known as the Gate of Fez, as it is located on the old road to Fez. Others know it as the Gate of the Regulars because of its proximity to the barracks of the military corps. This gate is located to the west of the walled enclosure and gives access to the Tranqat neighbourhood.

4. Bab Remuz Gate or "Luneta Gate".

Gates of the Medina of Tetouan: the Luneta Gate

The Bab Remuz Gate also known as the Luneta Gate, which is named after its main street. Located in the west of the Medina, this gate is known for its unique design and its ancient historical value.

This door leads to to the MellahThe old Jewish quarter, which is located next to the Feddan. Here you will find a network of narrow, straight streets that were once the residence of the Jews, and where the old Jewish quarter is still preserved today. Bengualid Synagogue.

5. Bab Mqabar Gate or "Cemetery Gate".

Gates of the Medina of Tetouan: the cemetery gate

The Mqabar Gate is known as the "Cemetery Gate"., located in the south-west of the Medina next to the Muslim cemetery. This gate stands out for its solid structure and beautiful design. It is an imposing and beautifully designed gate that welcomes you to the vibrant life of the Medina, with its alleys full of colours, aromas and sounds. From here you can visit the tanneries of the 16th century, Jarrafin or babucheros street

6. Bab Saida Gate or "St Ferdinand's Gate".

Gates of the Medina of Tetouan: Saint Ferdinand's Gate

La Puerta Bab Saida gives access to the Blad district, the most aristocratic and where the best mansions are located. If we walk deeper into this neighbourhood, we reach the Great Mosque (built in 1807), the largest in the entire medina.

7. Bab Tut Gate or "the Gate of Tangier".

Gates of the Medina of Tetouan: the Tanger Gate

The Tut door, also known as the Tangier GateIt gave access to the road leading to Tangiers. This gate, located to the west, was rebuilt when the ramparts were demolished during the Spanish Protectorate.

When you go through this door on the right you will find the Trankat StreetThere you will find a multitude of stalls selling fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. In this commercial quarter of the medina you will find mostly local people shopping, as there are not as many tourists as in other parts of the country.

8. Bab Rouah Gate

Gates of the Medina of Tetouan: Bah Rouah Gate

Bab Rouah is the eighth gate of the Medina, also known as the "Gate of the Winds". Many do not recognise it as a gate of the Medina, as it is a recent construction.

It is located next to the royal palace. It is a historic and splendid entrance, with an impressive architectural design. As you pass through this gate, you enter a world of narrow streets full of life and authenticity.

Each of these gates has its own history and charm, and all of them invite you to immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of the Medina of Tetouan. Moreover, on your visit you will not other essentials may be missingas the Place Moulay El Mehdi, the Royal Palace in Hassan II Square, the Spanish Ensanche neighbourhood and the The market and the tannery district.

1 day trip to Tetouan from Algeciras and from Malaga

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Are you ready for a unique experience? We invite you to discover the charming city of Tetuanfull of history, culture and architectural beauty. Our journey will take you through breathtaking landscapes and immerse you in the authenticity of Morocco.

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Once we arrive in Tetouan, you will fall in love with your MedinaThe city has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will explore its narrow alleyways, with their vibrant colours and exotic scents. Immerse yourself in the bustling life of the souks, where you can bargain for unique handicrafts, from textiles and ceramics to spices and jewellery. As well as marvelling at Tetouan's traditional architecture as you stroll along its ancient ramparts and admire the grandeur of its historic gates, such as Bab el Oqla and Bab Nouader.

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With a rest stop and you will enjoy a delicious Moroccan meal. included in the price (drinks are not included), where you can taste traditional dishes such as couscous and typical sweets.

Our team of expert guides will be at your disposal throughout the tour, providing you with interesting information about the history and culture of Tetouan, and making sure you have an enriching and safe experience.

If you're thinking about a trip to Morocco, take a look at our post with some tips and entry requirements for Morocco.

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We also recommend that you consult the website of the Spanish Consulate in Morocco. This reliable platform provides up-to-date information on consular services, assistance to Spanish citizens abroad and guidance in emergency situations.

Whether you need information on formalities, visas, legal assistance or advice on safe travel, the Spanish Consulate in Morocco will be your source of support and guidance at unexpected times. Do not underestimate the value of this tool in preparing for any eventuality during your visit to the Medina of Tetouan.

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