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Malagueño Dictionary: phrases for surviving in Málaga

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Planning a visit to Malaga? In addition to transport, accommodation and excursions, it is also very important that you know how to converse with someone from Malaga, because in this city they use a special kind of slang.

Discover the Malaga dictionary with these basic phrases for surviving in Malaga. Learn the essential vocabulary to enjoy its culture and people.

Malagueño dictionary: how to order a coffee in Málaga

how to order coffee malaga

First of all, we are going to show you how to order a coffee in Malaga like a Malagueño, there are 10 ways to order it:

  1. Alone: If you are a coffee lover, without milk, this is the coffee for you. It's just coffee.
  2. Long: The idea is to put a lot of coffee with very little milk, to be exact 10% of milk.
  3. Semi Long: This one has less coffee and slightly more milk than the previous one.
  4. Solo Corto: It is like the half, but with a higher proportion of coffee.
  5. Half: the most popular, it is the traditional coffee with milk, 50% coffee 50% milk.
  6. Entre Corto: If you prefer a little more milk in your coffee, this is the one for you.
  7. Shortto note the difference with the short one, the short one has more or less 30% of coffee and the rest of milk.
  8. Shadow: is like a latte, i.e. it has more coffee in it than a cloud, but not much.
  9. Cloud: for those who don't want too much caffeine, it's a glass of milk with a little coffee.
  10. Don't put it on: if you don't like coffee, this is the one for you, but you can order another drink.

The Café Central, which was located in the Plaza de la Constitución, was the originator of this concept of how to order a coffee in Malaga and it spread throughout the province, becoming a staple in the Malaga dictionary.

Malaga Dictionary and phrases Malaga: from Aliquindoi to Zurullo

  • Aliquindoi: Be attentive, it comes from when the Americans did work in the port and taught the Malagueños: 'Look and do it!'
  • Hoop: Of course, of course.
  • Bulla: be in a hurry
  • Campero: Typical Malaga sandwich with cooked ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise. If you come to Malaga, ask for one. The most famous (and our favourites) are the Camperos Eladio, in Calle la Bohème, 8.
  • Cenachero: street fish vendor
  • Changüey: make an exchange
  • Chavea: small child
  • Bitch: Good luck
  • Chorraera: Slide
  • Chuminá: Nonsense
  • Churrete: go with something dirty
  • Cusha: Listen to
  • Daleao: Bent, twisted
  • Shrinkage: Stingy
  • Empanao: Stunned.
  • Esmallao: Being very hungry.
  • Eonoé?Used to affirm something
  • Espeto: A very typical Malaga dish of wood-grilled sardines. You can try them in any chiringuito on the seafront, the best and cheapest ones are in Pedregalejos, El Palo.
  • Fangar: Stealing
  • Fite: short for 'take a look'.
  • Flipao: Be impressed
  • Guarrito: Drill
  • Guiri: Foreign person, usually with blond hair, wearing socks and sandals.
  • Guita: Money
  • Jopo! Get out of here! comes from 'hop off!
  • Maharon: Crazy
  • Merdellón: Slum. It has no specific definition, it comes from the French 'merd de gens'.
  • Mijilla: small piece
  • Pechá: A lot
  • Perita: Cool
  • Petao: Full
  • Tennis: Trainers
  • Volantona: cockroach with wings
  • Zurullo: Excrement

With all these words and phrases you can put them into practice with any Malagueño or if someone says them to you, you won't be caught by surprise and you can answer.

Cusha, have you booked your excursions from Malaga yet? Fite!

Here we leave you 3 excursions to do if you are in Malaga for a couple of days and you can't miss it, so you can put into practice all the Malaga phrases or if you are curious for more, ask a local guide from Visitanddo.com:

If you are planning a group excursion in Malaga, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the culture and people of the city. Make sure you're prepared with the local vocabulary with the Malaga dictionary provided by Visitanddo.com. And to make your experience even better, consider charter a bus with a reliable service that can take you to the most impressive places in the city and its surroundings. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of Malaga without worries and with the peace of mind of being in good hands.

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