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The Murillo Gardens | What to see in Seville

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The visit to the Murillo Gardens becomes an enchanting experience as it merges into the picturesque Barrio de Santa Cruz in Seville. Strolling through these exquisite gardens, one senses the serene beauty of the flowerbeds and fountains, creating an idyllic setting that contrasts harmoniously with the vibrant, labyrinthine energy of Santa Cruz.

Cobblestone paths lead you to discover corners full of history and charm, while the narrow streets of the neighbourhood, adorned with colourful flowers and whitewashed façades, reveal the authentic essence of the city. These gardens are named after the Sevillian painter Bartolomé Esteban Murilloone of the great masters of 17th century Spanish Baroque painting.

This conjunction of the manicured nature of the Jardines de Murillo with the authenticity of the Barrio de Santa Cruz offers visitors a unique experience that fuses the tranquillity of the flora with the bustling life and history steeped in the cobbled streets of Seville.

If you wish, you can enjoy an incredible walk with a guided tour of Seville.

History of the Murillo Gardens

Murillo Gardens, its history
Fountain inside the Murillo Gardens

The current Jardines de Murillo, the work of the architect Juan Talavera y HerediaThe land was located on land that until the 19th century formed the basis of the part of the Royal Alcazar of Sevilleand which were later ceded to Seville City Council by the monarch Alfonso XIII at the beginning of the 20th century.

Formerly known at the time as the Gardens from Talavera o Huerta del Retiro del Alcázarto 1918 that they were renamed as the Gardens from Murillo (in honour of the painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo).

In the area there were pieces of wall that were demolished to create a green area to connect the southeast of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood with the Ronda Histórica. It is also interesting to note that the Jardines Murillo are Bien de Interés Cultural since 2002.

Jardines de Murillo: opening hours

Opening hours of the Jardines de Murillo:

From 08:00 to 22:00 (non-inverted hours)

From 08:00 to 24:00 (summer time)

What to see in the Murillo Gardens

The Murillo Gardens have approximately about 8,500 square metres of landscaped walkways with splendid vegetation, but also including fountains, benches and statues, creating a peaceful and pleasant place to rest.

murillo gardens seville
Catalina de Ribera Fountain in the Murillo Gardens

The tour of the gardens begins at the boundary with those of Catalina de Ribera, next to the wall that separates them from the Alcazares. In this wall there is a Catalina de Ribera Fountainby Juan Talavera, 20th century, with side paintings by the painter Francisco Maireles.

The Paseo de Catherine of Ribera is a complement to the Murillo gardens, a large garden promenade remodelled and landscaped at the end of the 19th century.

murillo gardens monument
Christopher Columbus Monument in the Murillo Gardens

In the Murillo gardens, the most outstanding feature is the Monument a Cristóbal Colón, dating from 1921, with a height of 23 metres, in the middle of the two large stone columns there are two caravel bows and a lion on the top of the monument.

A tower and some pieces of the old city wall are also preserved, where you can see the pipes that carried the water from the Carmona pipes to the Alcázar.

At the centre is the impressive roundabout dedicated to the painter José García Ramos, which is delimited by entrance arches and walls.

murillo gardens in seville

The gardens end at the Refinadores square, which is dominated by a statue dedicated to Don Juan Tenorioa Spanish literary character created by Tirso de Molina.

Adjacent to the Gardens are the Real Alcázar, the Barrio de Santa Cruz and the old Jewish quarter of Seville. Wandering through the narrow streets, stopping in the squares full of orange trees, is one of the most typical Sevillian experiences.

In addition, you will be able to visit some of the Seville's most emblematic monumentsas the Plaza de Españathe Seville CathedralThe Giralda and the Archive of the Indies.

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