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5 Must-sees in Seville's El Arenal neighbourhood

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The Arenal Quarter in Seville is an area that stands out for its history, vitality and strategic location next to the Guadalquivir River. This neighbourhood, located in the heart of the city, has witnessed historical and cultural events over the centuries.

Its cobbled streets blend traditional Sevillian architecture with modern elements, creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere. El Arenal is home to the famous Maestranza Bullringone of the oldest in the world, where the April Fair. In addition, the area is known for the Torre del OroThe tower is a medieval military tower that once guarded the access to the river port.

The Paseo Colón, a wide avenue along the river, offers beautiful views and is a popular place to stroll. With a wide range of bars, restaurants and shops, the Arenal neighbourhood invites you to explore its charming corners and immerse yourself in the cultural and social richness of Seville.

Here we tell you about what to see and do in the Arenal district of Seville.

If you wish, you can enjoy an incredible walk with a guided tour of Seville.

The Golden Tower of Seville

The Arenal is located in what was once the walled enclosure of Seville, which was once marked by magnificent defensive towers that stretched from the Guadalquivir River to the Alcázar.
Torre del Oro by the Guadalquivir river

El Arenal is located in what was the walled enclosure of SevilleIt was once marked out by magnificent defensive towers that stretched from the Guadalquivir River to the Alcázar. Today only survive the Torre del Orothe Silver Tower and the Tower Abd el Aziz.

One of the gates of the ancient city walls, the Postigo del AceiteIt is said that it is so called because oil and other fats used to enter the city through it.

The Maestranza Bullring in Seville

maestranza sevilla
Bullring of the Real Maestranza de Caballería in Seville

The Maestranza Bullringowned by the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla, is another of the things to see in Seville's Arenal neighbourhood. Considered thehe most important square in Spain. Built in 1761, it has undergone many alterations over more than 120 years.

sevilla bullring
Maestranza Bullring

Every year, the Real Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza bullring begins its bullfighting season on Easter Sundaycoinciding with the April Fairand the season continues until September, with the San Miguel Fair. Inside you can also find the Bullfighting Museum and the Toreros Chapel.

The Charity Hospital

hopital caridad sevilla
Charity Hospital

Another place that lies between the Royal Mint and the Atarazanas is the Charity HospitalThis is a little-known jewel of the Sevillian Baroque that houses works by Murillo and Zurbarán, among many others.

A walk along the Guadalquivir river

One of the most relaxing things to do in Seville is to go for a walk around the city. walk along the banks of the Guadalquivir riverThe stretch from the Torre del Oro and the Triana Bridge is particularly picturesque, and where you will find charming places to eat or have a drink in some of the restaurants or terraces. We recommend you visit the ones you can find in Calle Adriano.

Many tourists decide to enjoy the river on board a cruiseadmiring the beautiful panoramic view of the city.

The Plaza del Cabildo in El Arenal

plaza cabildo sevilla
The Cabildo Square

Another of the secrets of Seville's Arenal neighbourhood is the Plaza del Cabildo. It is a very beautiful semicircular porticoed square, with three floors, designed by Joaquín Barquín y Barón, what we want to highlight are its canvases, with paintings with floral motifs that attract a lot of attention.

The square can be accessed through three passages. The first is through the Avenida de la Constituciónanother for Admiralty Street and the last by the Arfe Street.

bar arenal sevilla
Bodeguita Torre del Toro in El Arenal neighbourhood

In the Arenal neighbourhood, there are beautiful churches such as the Iglesia del Baratillo, the Iglesia de la Magdalena, or the Hermandad del Santísimo Cristo de las Aguas or Iglesia of San Francisco de Paula. All of them are venerated images that are carried in processions during Holy Week.

The Arenal district of Seville is also full of traditional taverns, charming restaurants of traditional Sevillian gastronomy, some fried food shops where you can try the "pescaito frito" (fried fish)or "warm". (Churros). Best tapas in Seville

If you're coming to Seville soon, don't forget: a visit to the Arenal neighbourhood is a must if you want to soak up the history and uniqueness of a city that loves hustle and bustle, opera, bullfighting and art.

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