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What to buy in Gibraltar?

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Gibraltar has many attractions of interest that attract thousands of people every year to visit it, located in the south of Spain, belonging as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. Why is shopping in Gibraltar popular? and What to buy in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a local tax-free zone, thus becoming a one of Europe's most popular shopping destinations.

How to get to Gibraltar?

Gibraltar has an airport, but if you're travelling from Spain and you want to visit Gibraltar in one day the best option is with an excursion from Málaga or from the area of Tarifa and Algeciras.

What can you buy in Gibraltar?

Views of central Gibraltar from the Rock of Gibraltar
Views of central Gibraltar from the Rock of Gibraltar

Purchases by international tourists visiting Gibraltar are mainly jewellery, clothes, drinks and tobacco.

Please note that Gibraltar has its own currency, the Gibraltar pound, which has the same value as the British pound, but is not valid in the UK. Therefore, we recommend that you make your purchases by credit card to avoid being surcharged.

Here's what we have to say the best things to shop for in Gibraltar:


One of the most popular purchases in Gibraltar is tobacco, which is fairly inexpensive compared to other countries.

We recommend you visit the Lewis Stagneto Tobacconist shops with a wide variety of cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, cigars and even fragrances for electronic cigars.

However, you can find this item available in small shops, even at the airport.


Both brand name and generic glasses can be found in many shops in Gibraltar. The price will depend on the model you are interested in, but you will definitely find them cheaper than in other countries.

We recommend you to visit Vijay, one of the most popular shops selling original sunglasses such as Gucci, Ray-Ban, among others, at great prices.


In Gibraltar you can enjoy local and branded drinks in most bars and pubs, all at a fairly low price compared to other parts of Europe.

In its shops you will find a wide selection of beers, wines, whisky, spirits and other beverages at affordable prices.

We recommend you visit Morrisons for deals on wines and spirits or if you are a wine lover, we recommend Vinopolis where you will find wines from all over the world.


Taking advantage of duty free shopping in Gibraltar is a great opportunity to buy perfume at a great price.

Be careful which shops you visit, as you may buy fake perfume by mistake in many of them. Always try to shop at official brand shops.

We recommend you visit Star of India, Hotu and SM Seruya to buy your favourite fragrance.


An exclusive piece made of good material for storing wine, whisky or other beverages. It can also be used as a decorative item for the home.

We recommend you to visit Gibraltar Crystal, as you will find many crystal objects at good prices, including decanters such as wine glasses, among others.

Gibraltarian chocolate

If you are a lover of good, top quality chocolate, you can get chocolate in any format and of course, a must buy.

We recommend you visit the Hotel Chocolat where you will find premium chocolate bars and different types of chocolate bars such as white, bitter and milk chocolate.

Look out for the Grand Slabs, available at the Hotel Chocolat shop in Gibraltar.


For lovers of porcelain, Gibraltar is home to many elaborate items such as beautifully decorated crockery, cups and vases.

We recommend a stroll down the main street, but you can also go to All Wrapped Up, the best place to buy porcelain at a good price and quality.

Come shopping in Gibraltar with our excursion from:

  • Estepona
  • Marbella
  • La Cala de Mijas
  • Fuengirola
  • Benalmádena
  • Torremolinos
  • Málaga

Shopping in Gibraltar: The best shops

Gibraltar is one of the places where you can buy good quality products at a better price. Its main street, Main StreetThe Gibraltar Shopping Centre invites you to browse the best shopping in Gibraltar and see all the variety in prices and duty-free items.

Main Street - Gibraltar's main street

Main Steet - Main Street
Main Steet - Main Street

Located in the heart of the city centre, there is a concentration of shops where you can buy tax-free goods, from simple tobacconists to jewellery at the best prices.

As well as enjoying a pleasant time shopping at competitive prices, you can also enjoy the local gastronomy, from Casemates to the Southport Gates.

A long street with multicultural influences: Genoese, Portuguese, British and Andalusian. With a myriad of shops ranging from the most traditional boutiques to the most famous commercial firms, you will also have the opportunity to buy souvenirs of your visit in the souvenir shops.

Buy clothes in Gibraltar


Shopping for clothes in Gibraltar is a unique experience that combines the convenience of free trade with a varied and modern offer. In Gibraltar, you can find everything from luxury boutiques to the latest fashion trends.

One of the most outstanding destinations that we recommend at Visitanddo.com is Trends GroupTrends Group, a chain that has earned an excellent reputation for offering high quality, contemporary clothing. Trends Group is known for its customer service and ability to stay on the cutting edge of fashion, making it a one-stop shop for those looking to update their wardrobe with style and good taste.

What to buy in Gibraltar cheaper

Come shopping in Gibraltar with our Gibraltar shopping tour from Malaga and Costa del Sol and enjoy a 10% discount to use in TRENDS GROUP shops.

Gibraltar Customs

excursions from gibraltar
excursions from gibraltar

Please note that getting in and out of Gibraltar is Customs dependent. There are limited quantities of goods that you can bring in from Gibraltar and if you exceed the quantities, you may have to pay extra for it or have it removed as there are limitations as it is a transfer of goods.

The responsibility for accessing Gibraltar lies with the individual, for non-EU or British citizens, we recommend that you verify the need for a VISA to visit Gibraltar 

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Excursions to Gibraltar from Malaga in one day

Gibraltar day trips from Malaga offer an unforgettable experience. Discover the iconic Rock of Gibraltar, explore the historic centre with a guided tour and enjoy the panoramic views or even the Biosphere nature reserve located in the Strait of Gibraltar.

This excursion allows you to enjoy the cultural and natural wealth of Gibraltar without going too far from the coast of Malaga and enjoy the shops in Gibraltar.

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