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How to climb the Rock of Gibraltar

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The Rock of Gibraltar Nature Reserve is considered by visitors to be one of the major attractions of the Gibraltar. However, there are several options to be able to climb to the Rock of Gibraltar and visit all the attractions there.

Once you are in Gibraltar you can choose between the four most popular options to get to the top of the Rock: the first one is by bus, walking, electric bike or by cable carThe latter is the one we recommend, as it is the quickest and most convenient option.

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Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar walking

climb the Rock of Gibraltar on foot
Rock of Gibraltar

For the more adventurous, who dare to walk up to the top of the RockOn the way you will surely meet the famous Gibraltar monkeys that inhabit the rock, and at the same time you will enjoy a beautiful landscape surrounded by nature. Although you should be careful with personal belongings and food, as they will want to take them, they are still wild animals and their behaviour can be unpredictable.

We also recommend a tour of Mediterranean stepsThe route starts at the eastern end of the Rock and follows a well-marked path that winds along the rocky hillside.

However, it should be borne in mind that walking up to the crag of Gibraltar After a 2.5 hour walk uphill, it is possible to take the cable car back down to the town on the way back.

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar by bus

Passport required to enter Gibraltar

There are several tour buses specially designed to take you up to the Rock, stopping off at the main attractions along the way, such as Punta de Europa and its lighthouse, The cave of San Miguelor the Apes Denthe Monkey Enclosure. Better known as the "Rock Tour.

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Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar by Cable Car

climbing to the rock of gibraltar by cable car
Gibraltar Cable Car

On the other hand, the option to go up in the Cable car of Gibraltar to the top of the Rock is the one we recommend, as it is the quickest and most comfortable option. In this case, the price of the trip is around 20 pounds per person, round trip, which lasts 6 minutes. It is also available all year round.

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar by bike

Cycling up the Rock of Gibraltar is an exciting challenge that requires physical and technical preparation. It is crucial to carry adequate equipment, such as helmet, sun protection and water. Respecting traffic and road safety regulations is essential. During the ascent, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views and the natural beauty of the surroundings. Once at the top, the descent requires caution and control.

We recommend renting an electric bike with E-Bike Gibraltar for £20 1 hour

However, Gibraltar has plenty of things to doas well as being a destination for a shopping spree; has a multitude of tourist attractions to visit, in addition to the ones we have already mentioned, you can also visit the viewpoint Skywalker at the top of the Rock, from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

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