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Benalmádena Butterfly Park (Butterfly Park)

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Are you looking for a different plan to enjoy with your family in Malaga? The Butterfly Park of Benalmádena - Butterfly Park awaits you with open doors to a world where nature comes alive in its most delicate and colourful form.


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An Educational and Fascinating Journey Immerse yourself in a Thai temple, the only one of its kind in Europe, where more than 1,500 exotic butterflies from the remotest corners of the planet flutter in total freedom. It is a unique opportunity to observe at close quarters the life cycle of these ethereal creatures, from the hatching of the chrysalis to the majestic unfurling of their wings.

butterfly park benalmadena, butterfly park

A Tropical Paradise in the Heart of the Costa del Sol Located just 20 minutes from Malaga, the Mariposario offers a tropical oasis filled with waterfalls and vibrant flowers. Here, every step is an invitation to stop and admire the aerial dance of butterflies, while learning about their importance in our planet's ecosystems.

Activities for the whole family The Butterfly Farm is not just a visual spectacle; it is an interactive learning centre where young and old can participate in educational activities. Discover the secrets of metamorphosis, the diversity of species and the conservation of these fascinating creatures.

An Unforgettable Memory Don't miss the opportunity to live this magical experience. The Benalmádena Butterfly Farm is more than an attraction; it is a commitment to environmental education and conservation, presented in a way that will delight everyone.

Benalmadena Butterfly Farm: An Encounter with Nature in a Temple of Serenity

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Situated in the heart of the Costa del Sol, the Benalmádena Butterfly Farm invites you to immerse yourself in an exotic tropical paradise, nestled inside an authentic Thai temple. Just a few minutes from Malaga, this nature sanctuary is a haven for more than a few hundred visitors. 1,500 exotic butterflies from various parts of the world.

A Spectacle of Life and Colour As you walk through the doors of the Butterfly Farm, you will enter a vibrant world where life unfolds in all its splendour. Watch the miracle of life as butterflies emerge from their chrysalises, spread their multi-coloured wings and take their first flight. With every step, you will encounter a new wonder, from tiny eggs to caterpillars in full transformation.

Natural Harmony in a Unique Space The Butterfly Farm's design, inspired by traditional Thai architecture, creates an atmosphere of peace and harmony that complements the natural beauty of its winged inhabitants. Here, butterflies coexist in perfect balance, without competition or conflict, reflecting a message of coexistence and respect that transcends species barriers.

An Educational and Exciting Experience More than just a tour, a visit to the Butterfly Farm is an educational experience that captivates children and adults alike. Learn about the importance of butterfly conservation and their role in global ecosystems, while enjoying an environment that stimulates all your senses.

A Place for Contemplation and Discovery We encourage you to take your time and enjoy the unhurried tour. Every corner of the Mariposario is a living canvas, an opportunity for contemplation and discovery. Come and let yourself be enveloped by the magic of this unique place, where every visit becomes an unforgettable memory.

It is open every day from 10:00h to 19:30h.

Types of Butterflies in the Benalmádena Butterfly Garden

butterfly benalmadena

The Benalmádena Butterfly Farm is home to an impressive variety of butterflies, with more than 150 different species that can be observed throughout the year. These butterflies come from tropical areas all over the world, and due to their short average lifespan of only 2-3 weeksThere are always new species to discover in the garden.

Among the butterflies that you can find in the Butterfly Farm, there are species originating from:

  • Africa
  • America
  • Australia
  • There is also a selection of Night Butterflies

The Butterfly Farm also offers the unique opportunity to see how butterflies emerge from their chrysalises and make their first flight after metamorphosis. In addition, because many species reproduce inside the park, visitors can observe other phases of their life cycle, such as eggs and caterpillars, as well as fascinating behaviours such as mating and nuptial dances.

It is a magical place that allows visitors to experience the beauty and diversity of these winged creatures in a setting that recreates the conditions of their natural habitats, with a 80% relative humidity and temperatures of 24-29ºC.

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Whether you're a nature lover, a photography enthusiast or simply a seeker of tranquillity, the Benalmadena Butterfly Farm is a must-see destination on the Costa del Sol. Immerse yourself in the winged beauty of these fascinating creatures and be inspired by the magic of nature at its purest.

What else to do in Benalmádena?

colomares castle benalmadena

Just on the other side of the Benalmádena Butterfly Farm is the majestic Illumination StupaThe temple is a Buddhist temple, with an impressive view over the bay of Fuengirola. You can also visit the Colomares CastleThe nearby area, which has become fashionable in recent years.

Day trips from Benalmádena

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