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What to do in Malaga for free: 5 essential things to do in Malaga

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If you are wondering what to do in malaga for freeYou're in luck, as this city offers a wide range of experiences and activities to suit all budgets. Today we've put together a list of five must-do plans to explore and enjoy this wonderful city without spending money.

1. Explore the historic centre of Malaga

What to do in Malaga for free

The historic centre of Malaga is a jewel full of charm and architectural beauty. You can wander through its narrow streets, discover picturesque squares such as Plaza de la Merced and Plaza de la Constitución, and admire the impressive cathedral. Don't miss the famous Larios StreetThe pedestrianised avenue is lined with shops, restaurants and street life.

Another option is to visit the beautiful churches of MalagaWith the exception of Malaga Cathedral, the rest of the churches are free of charge, for example, San Juan, Santiago, Los Mártires, San Juan or you can even visit the Basilica of Hopeone of the most venerated images of Malaga's Holy Week.

2. Visiting the Alcazaba and the Roman Theatre

alcazaba roman theatre malaga 1

The Alcazaba is an 11th century Moorish fortress that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. The admission is free every Sunday from 2 p.m. onwards.The rest of the timetable costs 3,50 €. Right next to the Alcazaba, you will find the Roman Theatre, a magnificent vestige of ancient Roman Malacca. Admission to the Roman Theatre is free of charge.

As they are very close to each other, we recommend that you explore both sites on the same day - a fascinating opportunity to delve into the history of the city!

3. Visit a free museum in the city


Malaga is known for its cultural offer, and many of its museums offer free admission at specific times or on specific days. In this case, we recommend you visit the Museum of Malagalocated in the Palacio de la Aduana, which is free of charge for all EU citizens. Another option is to visit the Picasso Museum Malaga, however, it only offers free admission on Sunday afternoons.

If you are passionate about art, you might be interested in our post: 5 museums to see for free in Malaga.

4. Climb to the Mirador de Gibralfaro viewpoint.

gibralfaro viewpoint malaga

Another of the things to do in Malaga for free is to go up the Gibralfaro viewpoint to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Malaga. From here you can see the whole city, the port and the sea, and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

To get to this viewpoint, the best option is to walk from the entrance to the Alcazabawhere you will find the imposing Gibralfaro Castle. If you like to contemplate the cities from the heights, we recommend you our post on the 5 Best Viewpoints and Views of Málaga.

5. Stroll along Muelle Uno and Malagueta Beach.

Muelle uno malaga

The "Muelle Uno" is a modern promenade full of shops, restaurants and terraces with views of the port, the Cathedral, the Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro Castle. You can enjoy a pleasant stroll, appreciate the sea views and relax on the many benches and green areas.

Continue your walk to the Malagueta Beachwhere you can relax on the sand, sunbathe and cool off in the sea. Without a doubt, strolling by the sea is always a fantastic option in Malaga.

Other things what to do in malaga for free is to visit Malaga Park or stroll through the Soho district. All these free options will give you a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Malaga. Enjoy the city, its history and its beauty in an affordable and memorable way!

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