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The 5 most beautiful fountains of the Alhambra in Granada

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Still don't know the famous fountains of the Alhambra?

The Alhambra in Granada is a fortified citadel located on the top of a hill, where the water is the protagonistThe courtyards and gardens are designed around fountains and pools, forming part of the beauty and cultural heritage of this monument. The courtyards and gardens are designed around fountains and pools, forming part of the beauty and cultural heritage of this monument.

The water that flows through each and every one of the spaces of the Alhambra comes from the Darro River through a complex infrastructure that runs along the Cerro del Sol all the way to the Alhambra and is known as the Acequia Realthrough which the entire walled enclosure was supplied.

Here are the 5 most beautiful fountains in the Alhambra:

1. The Lions' Fountain

fountains of the alhambra
Lions Fountain

The Lions Fountain is one of the most famous and emblematic fountains of the Alhambra and is located in the Palace of the Lions. It is located in the centre of the courtyard and consists of an octagonal-shaped white marble basin, supported by twelve lions sculpted in white marble. Water flows from the lions' mouths into the basin and from there it is distributed through small channels that meander around the courtyard.

The restoration of its hydraulic system in 2009 brought about a real change in the functioning of the fountain.. The Palacio de los Leones now has a new hydraulic system with which it is supplied with drinking water. The water is treated and recycled to do as little damage as possible to the marble of the fountain.

The Patio de los Leones, with the Lions' Fountain at its centre, is one of the most impressive and visited places in the Alhambra.. It is a must for anyone wishing to discover the artistic and cultural wealth of the Alhambra.

2. Fuente de los Arrayanes or Fuente de la Alberca.

Fuente arrayanes alhambra
Fountain of the Myrtles

One of the most striking fountains in the complex is located in the centre of the Myrtle Courtyardinside the palace of Comares. It is characterised by its rectangular shape and symmetry, and by its pond located in the centre surrounded by myrtle bushes, which acts as a large mirror reflecting the palace and has been one of the most photographed images.

3. Lindaraja Fountain

Source lindaraja alhambra
Lindaraja Fountain

The The Fountain of Lindaraja is another of the most famous and beautiful fountains of the Alhambra in Nasrid art. that are still preserved. It is a large cup made in the 14th century and was installed in the garden of Lindaraja in 1626,

It is a piece of white marble with a particularity, it has poem inscribed in relief which decorates its upper edge, made by one of the main poets of the Alhambra palaces, Ibn Zamrak.

4. Fountain of the Baths of the Comares Palace

This source is located in the Courtyard of the Baths of the Comares Palace, in the inner area of the Nasrid Palaces and is surrounded by small fountains that give it a waterfall effect. It is an example of the influence of Islamic architecture in the Alhambra.

It is the only one hammam medieval Islamic which has survived to the present day practically in its original state, and for this reason its visit is more restricted and are not usually open to the public.

These baths were private in character, as they were reserved for the use of the sultans and their families. There are several fountains, both in the bathing rooms and in the surrounding courtyards. All of them are decorative and functional, and are designed to create a cool and relaxing atmosphere inside the hammam.

5. Fountain of the Patio de la Acequia in the Generalife

generalife alhambra fountain
Fountain of the Patio de la Acequia

The Fountain of the Patio de la Acequia is one of the most emblematic fountains of the Generalife, located within the grounds of the Alhambra in Granada. This narrow, elongated courtyard is one of the largest and most beautiful in the Generalife, and the fountain is located in the centre of it. The hydraulic artery of the monumental ensemble is the Acequia RealThe water was brought to the surrounding orchards and to the Alhambra.

The source is in the centre of the courtyard and is surrounded by a beautiful garden.The gardens, which feature a wide variety of plants and flowers, are an outstanding example of the Islamic garden style. They are one of the main tourist attractions of the Alhambra and the Generalife, and are much appreciated for their beauty and harmony.

These are just some of the most outstanding fountains in the Alhambra, although there are many other fountains scattered throughout the palaces and gardens, which are also impressive and valuable from a historical and artistic point of view.

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