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10 things to see in Torremolinos

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If you are planning a visit to this fascinating city, here is a list of the top 10 things to see in Torremolinos.

Torremolinos, a municipality in the province of Malaga, is known for its vibrant nightlife and sunny beaches. However, beyond its fame as a tourist destination, Torremolinos offers a rich history and unique culture that deserves to be explored.

From its days as a small fishing village to its transformation into an international tourist centre, Torremolinos has witnessed many changes. The town is a reflection of past and present, where traditions intertwine with modernity.

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Here is an additional list of places not to be missed on your visit to this vibrant city.

Calle San Miguel, the main shopping street in Torremolinos.

torremolinos souvenirs

Calle San Miguel is the main shopping street, lined with boutiques, souvenir shops ...

The most touristic and commercial area of the city, where you will find plenty of shops, ice-cream parlours, restaurants and cafés.

The street starts at the Plaza Costa del Sol, and ends near the Church of San Miguel and the Torre de los Molinos or Torre de Pimentel, passing close to La Nogalera

Some of the things to see in the centre of Torremolinos Pimentel Tower

At the end of San Miguel Street, you can go down one of the the most beautiful streets to see in Torremolinosthe popular Cuesta del TajoA steep slope, with numerous craft and souvenir shops, where I am sure you will be entertained on the way down to the Bajondillo beach.

Church of St. Michael the Archangel

The commercial heart of Torremolinos, Calle San Miguel, is perfect for shopaholics. Here you'll find everything from fashion boutiques to souvenir shops, as well as a wide selection of bars and cafés to relax and people-watch.

2. The Torremolinos Promenade

carihuela torremolinos

Famous for its seafood restaurants, serving local specialities such as fried fish and paella.

The Carihuela is the old fishing quarter of Torremolinos, famous for its charming promenade and excellent seafood. Stroll through its narrow streets, enjoy the beach and savour a delicious fried fish (pescaíto frito) in one of its many restaurants.

There is also the well-known Paseo Marítimo in the Bajondillo area. With a wide selection of bars, restaurants and shops, the Paseo Marítimo del Bajondillo offers a lively atmosphere.

3. Beaches to see in Torremolinos


Its Beaches- Bajondillo Beach, Playamar, Los Alamos Beach

Eating espetos by the beach

Make the most of your stroll through La Carihuela and try some espetos with sea views.

Bajondillo BeachOne of the most popular beaches in Torremolinos, Bajondillo Beach offers golden sands and calm waters. Ideal for families, this beach has numerous beach bars and water activities such as paddle surfing and paragliding.

One of the most authentic gastronomic experiences in Torremolinos is to try espeto de sardinas. This dish, consisting of sardines skewered and grilled on the beach, is a real local delicacy. Head to any of the chiringuito (beach bars) along the beach. La Carihuela or the Bajondillo Beach to try this delicacy.

Another of the most popular beaches in Torremolinos, Playamar offers a vibrant beach experience with numerous beach bars, water activities and a lively nightlife. It is an ideal place to enjoy the sun, sea and good company.

4. La Nogalera Square

The La Nogalera Square is one of the most emblematic icons of Torremolinos, known for its vibrant atmosphere and its cultural and social importance in the town. Historically, the square has been a meeting point for residents and visitors, surrounded by bars, restaurants and shops that contribute to its dynamism.

In recent years, the square has undergone a major transformation. The redevelopment project seeks not only an aesthetic overhaul, but also to improve mobility and walkability. The project is designed to create a new, modern and friendlier space, with vegetation, shaded areas and new corners for strolling or sitting.

Plaza de la Nogalera in Torremolinos

The Plaza de la Nogalera is a venue for a wide variety of cultural and social events, and its renovation seeks to strengthen its role as the nerve centre of Torremolinos. It is a space that reflects the spirit and history of the town, while keeping an eye on the future with innovations that improve the quality of life in the historic centre.

5. Battery Park

parque bateria torremolinos

The Battery Park is the ideal place to enjoy with family or friends. It stands out for its children's areatrails and green areas for picnics, running tracks, cycle path, exercise area and a lookout tower 15 metres high, offering spectacular panoramic views of Torremolinos. But what would most attract your attention is its artificial lakewhere visitors can enjoy boat rides.

  • Entrance free

6. Casa de las Navajas

One of the most attractive places to see in Torremolinos is the La House of the Navajas is one of the emblematic buildings of Torremolinos, it belonged to the Luque-Navajas family and you can find it in Avenida del Lido.

Built in 1925, it presents a mixture of styles including neo-Mudejar and modernist elements. It has now been restored and is open to the public every day of the week. Inside you will find antique furniture, chandeliers and spectacular views.

  • Entrance free

7. Aqualand Torremolinos

aqualand torremolinos

Aqualand Torremolinos is the largest water park on the Costa del Sol. For a day full of family fun, head to Aqualand, with a variety of slides, wave pools and play areas for the little ones. Our favourites are the boomerang slide and the twister.

8. Cocodrile Park in Torremolinos

crocodile park torremolinos

Next to Aqualand you will find Cocodrile ParkA theme park offers visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with these impressive reptiles and learn about their biology, behaviour and conservation. Highlighting some of Europe's largest crocodiles, with some live demonstrations.

9. Molino de Inca Botanical Garden

The Molino de Inca Botanical Garden is one of the hidden treasures of Torremolinos.. It occupies approximately four hectares and is designed to offer an educational and relaxing experience, ideal for a family visit. It has several themed areas, such as the unique Japanese Gardeneach with a unique collection of plants and natural elements.

  • Entrance fee: 3€

10. Marina Port

Where to eat in Torremolinos?

Tapas Torremolinos

In the Plaza de la Nogalera you will find a multitude of places to eat or have a cocktail.

Plaza Costa del Sol is also a place where several restaurants are concentrated.

If you visit Torremolinos at the end of September, don't miss the Feria de San Miguel, with musical performances, fairground rides and traditional food stalls.

Torremolinos is a destination full of life and tradition. From its delicious gastronomy to its vibrant festivities, each experience will bring you closer to the true essence of the Costa del Sol. Get ready to experience Torremolinos like a true local!

Enjoy every corner and make your visit an unforgettable experience!

Excursions in the surroundings of Torremolinos

Discover the magic of the Torremolinos Fair! Immerse yourself in a unique experience where tradition and modernity intertwine to offer you unforgettable moments. From the vibrant costumes to the delicious typical dishes, every detail counts in this cultural celebration that captures the spirit of Andalusia. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this fiesta full of colour, music and joy - come and be part of history!

Other news about Torremolinos in your official website of the municipality

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