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La Torre del Oro : What to see in Seville

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The Torre del Oro together with the Plaza de España in Seville is one of the most emblematic monuments of this jewel of the south that is Seville. The tower is a old defensive construction located on the left bank of the Guadalquivir River, specifically on the Paseo de Colón, and on the opposite bank is the Triana neighbourhood.

Read on to discover many of the legends and curiosities of the Torre del Oro you probably didn't know.

If you wish, you can enjoy an incredible walk with a guided tour of Seville.

History of the Torre del Oro in Seville

Seville Gold Tower
The Torre del Oro by the Guadalquivir river

The origin of the Torre del Oro dates back to the 13th century, when Abud él Olá was governor of Seville. It was built as a albarrana tower and was part of the walls of the Alcazar, with the main function of defending the city and the port of the enemy ships.

There are several legends about the Torre del Oroone of them suggests that the tower not only served a defensive function, but was also the secret setting where the king met clandestinely with the ladies he courted.

Throughout history, however, the Torre del Oro has become a prison (at the beginning of the 15th century), it came to function as a chapel for different members of the nobility and archive. However, since 1944, it has housed the Naval Museum of Seville, as it is managed by the Navy.

As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that not far from the Torre del Oro you can find the Silver Towerlocated in Calle Santander. In the past, both were joined by the wall.

Why is it called Torre del Oro?

The Golden Tower of Seville
The Golden Tower of Seville

There are many legends surrounding the name Torre del Oro. Although it was claimed that its name was due to the gold storage from AmericaThis statement, linked to its proximity to the Customs dock, is false. In reality, the gold was kept in a specific room in the Casa de la Contratación (Treasury Room), and its processing took place in the Casa de la Moneda.

The name Torre del Oro comes from the Arabic name was Borg-al-Azajalwhich is due to the golden reflections produced by the tiles that once covered it when the sun shone on it and said that it looked like gold. During the restoration of the tower in 2005, it was discovered that this lustre was attributed to a mixture of lime mortar and pressed straw.

Visiting the Torre del Oro

The gold tower in Seville

The structure of the Torre del Oro is very similar to that used for minarets in mosquesThis has a height of approximately 36 metresdivided into three levelsand each of them built in a different period.

If you visit Seville, climbing the Torre del Oro is one of our must-sees. Without a doubt, the most interesting part of the tower is the upper terrace from which there are excellent panoramic views of the river and a large part of the city. In addition, inside you will find its Naval Museumwith an interesting exhibition on the naval history of the city and a selection of objects related to navigation.

The general admission to the Torre del Oro is 3 €.can be purchased at the tower itself or online through the official website. Please note that admission is free for everyone on Mondays.

Naval Museum, inside the Torre del Oro (Gold Tower)

gold tower naval museum
Nautical instruments of the Naval Museum

The Naval Museum has been located inside the defensive Torre del Oro since 1944. It is an interesting museum of the Spanish Navy. This museum narrates the naval history of Seville, and the importance of its river throughout history.

Here you can find the exhibitions divided into two floors, on the one hand, the visitor can to know the history of the tower and the portYou will also discover antique navigational instruments, models and historical documents. The visit culminates at the top of the tower, where you will be able to see the enjoy unique views of Seville. Our recommendation is to contemplate the views from here at sunset, when the combination of colours in the sky leaves no one indifferent.

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