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Easter Week in Malaga 2024: a guide for beginners

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If you are looking for things to do during Easter Week 2024, here are some recommendations for you to make the most of this unique experience in the city of Malaga.

When is Easter Week in Malaga 2024?

Holy Week in Malaga takes place every year in the week before Easter.

In 2024Easter Week in Malaga will be celebrated from Palm Sunday, which falls on the first day of the week. 24 March 2024, to on Easter Sunday, which is 31 March 2024.

In 2023, Easter Week in Malaga will be celebrated from Palm Sunday, which falls on 2 April 2023, to Easter Sunday, which falls on 9 April 2023.

Official route for Easter Week in Malaga 2024

The captive in Holy Week in Malaga
Procession of El Cautivo during the official Easter procession Malaga

Each brotherhood departs from the corresponding house of brotherhood or church and will head towards the official route covering the following points:

  • Start at the Plaza de la Constitución.
  • Calle Larios.
  • Calle Martínez, Central Market - Atarazanas and Torregorda.
  • Alameda Principal.
  • Plaza de la Marina.
  • It ends in Calle Molina Lario, next to the Bishop's Palace at the foot of the Cathedral.

A different way to see Malaga is during Holy Week, so if you can't see it on its official route we encourage you to look for the processions in the streets to see them in key places avoiding crowds.

Holy week poster malaga 2024

X23530 Easter Poster 2024 networks page 0001 2 1 scaled 1
Easter Week Poster Malaga 2024 by Angel Sarmiento Burgos

The promotional poster for Easter Week in Malaga in 2024 has been designed by the talented artist Ángel Sarmiento Burgos, originally from Antequera and born in 1998. He advocated the "transparency and simplicity" that characterise his creative process, seeking to leave behind "complexes and thoughts" that limited him: "I have protected myself from that which disguised me as what I am not", he confessed.

The work, made in wood and terracotta in its characteristic shade, represents an innovative interpretation of the genre, as it introduces for the first time in the capital a three-dimensional piece for this commission.

The spotlight falls on five altar boys with a mischievous attitude who capture all eyes. The aesthetic, imbued with a nineteenth-century flavour, stands as a tribute to simplicity. The representation of mischievous gestures, the directions of the gazes and the nonchalant fussiness of the five children form a terracotta relief that rests on a large display support, giving body and expression to the poster as a whole.

Numerous references connect the work with the universe of Malaga. A clear example is the reduction of the chromatic palette to the façades of the Casa Consistorial, the city's Town Hall, whose sculptural work bears the signature of Francisco Palma. Despite the aesthetic restraint, the work shows influences such as Mariano Benlliure, in his work "Accidenti" (which brought him fame) or the well-known "Fuente de los niños" by the same author. The reliefs of Donatello's Cantoria allude to the solid compositional design of the ensemble.

In the lower section, playing with the volumetry of the support and tinged in a warm tone, the work proclaims "MÁLAGA" through the graphics of a typographic block that appears compact, as if it were a logo. Emphasising the majestic title of the city, we can read "Semana Santa 2024".

Processions not to be missed during Easter Week in Malaga 2024

Map with the Official Route of the Holy Week in Malaga.

We leave you some references of Easter Week in Malaga so that you become an expert and do not miss any detail about what to visit and what to do during this festivity in Malaga.

Palm Sunday

Confraternities planned: La Pollinica, Fusionadas, Dulce Nombre, Salutación, Humildad y Paciencia, Humildad, Salud, Huerto and Prendimiento.

Visiting council: get palms and olive branches to see the Pollinica at midday, the first brotherhood to come out at Easter in Malaga.

Easter Monday

Confraternities planned: Crucifixion, Passion, Gypsies, Dolores del Puente, the Captive and the Students.

Visiting council: See the Lord of Malaga, the Captive, pass over the Aurora Bridge. It is famous because it gives the impression that he is walking.

Fat Tuesday

Confraternities planned: el Rocío, las Penas, Nueva Esperanza, Humillación y Estrella, Rescate and la Sentencia.

Visiting council: Enjoy the spectacular mantle of flowers carried by the Virgen de las Penas.

Holy Wednesday

Confraternities planned: Mediadora, Salesianos, Fusionadas, Paloma, Rico, Sangre and la Expiración.

Visiting council: Watch the sunrise during the running of the bulls of the Cristo de la Expiración.

Maundy Thursday

Confraternities planned: la Cena, Santa Cruz, Viñeros, Vera Cruz, Zamarrilla, Mena, Misericordia and la Esperanza.

Visiting council: Watching the legion disembark to carry the Christ of Mena is one of the most famous processions of Holy Week in Malaga.

Good Friday

Confraternities planned: the Calvary, the Descent from the Cross, Dolores de San Juan, Amor, Traslado, Piedad and the Sepulcro.

Visiting council: Seeing the Servitas brotherhood pass by in the dark on any part of its route will leave you speechless.

Easter Sunday

Get ready to see the last procession through the streets of Malaga: The Risen Christ. It starts at the Church of San Julián at 10.15 am and ends at 2.45 pm.

If you want to know more, we leave you a link to the website of the Malaga Easter Week Brotherhoods Association.

Legionary procession Malaga 2024

One of the most representative moments of Holy Week in Malaga takes place on Maundy Thursday with the transfer of the Cristo de la Buena Muerte (Christ of the Good Death) by the Legion.

The events will begin on Thursday 28 March with the disembarkation of the Legionnaires in the port of Malaga at around 10:00 a.m. The parade features the Spanish Legion and the Navy, accompanied by troops, brass band and bugle band, by virtue of their connection with both institutions. The parade features the participation of the Spanish Legion and the Navy, accompanied by troops, brass band and bugle band, by virtue of their connection with both institutions.

Route of the Procession of the Legionaries in Malaga 2024

Half an hour after disembarking at Muelle 2, the forces of the Legion arrive at the Plaza Fray Alonso de Santo Tomás at around 10:30 a.m. The procession then moves the Holy Christ of the Good Death and Souls from the Plaza to its processional throne in the church of Santo Domingo. Afterwards, they move the Santísimo Cristo de la Buena Muerte y Ánimas from the Plaza to its processional throne in the church of Santo Domingo. In some sections, the soldiers carry the Christ of Mena by hand.

With the Christ of Mena in their arms, the legionaries sing "El novio de la muerte", a military hymn that proclaims: "I am a man whom fate has wounded with a fierce claw: I am a bridegroom of death who is going to unite in a strong bond with such a loyal companion". At this point, the audience, moved to tears, applauds and is moved to tears.

4 things to do during Easter Week if you visit the city of Malaga

Easter Week in Malaga: things you can do
Nazarenes during the procession

In case you didn't know yet, Easter Week in Malaga has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest. and every year attracts thousands of visitors who come to the city to enjoy its processions and its rich culture. Furthermore, Holy Week in Malaga has been a source of inspiration for numerous literary and artistic works.

Here are 4 things to do during your visit to Malaga at Easter:

  1. Attending processions: Holy Week in Malaga is famous for its impressive processions, where the brotherhoods walk through the streets with their floats and thrones. Don't miss the procession of the Cristo de la Buena Muerte (Christ of the Good Death) on Maundy Thursday or the procession of the Holy Sepulchre on Good Friday.
  2. Enjoying the local gastronomyDuring this time of the year, in Malaga you can taste typical dishes such as Easter stew or torrijas. You can also enjoy the famous 'tapa cofrade', which is served in many bars and restaurants in the city.
  3. Visiting museums and monumentsTake advantage of your free time to visit the main monuments of the city, such as the Alcazaba or the Cathedral of Malaga. You can also visit the many museums that the city has to offer, such as the Picasso Museum or the Contemporary Art Centre.
  4. Touring the nearby villagesIf you have time, you can take the opportunity to visit the villages close to Malaga, such as Ronda, Frigiliana o Mijas. All of them are very charming and will allow you to get to know the culture and traditions of the area.

Discover Malaga and its surroundings with local guidesYou will always set the pace during your free time and discover the culture and tradition that the city of Malaga has to offer.

Brief history of Easter Week in Malaga

Easter Week in Malaga is a religious celebration that dates back to the 16th century and has become one of the most important in Spain. During this week, the streets of the city are filled with colour and fervour with the procession of brotherhoods that run through the main streets of the city.

Holy Week in Malaga is characterised by the active participation of the brotherhoods or brotherhoods which, from the 17th century, began to parade through the streets of the city. These brotherhoods emerged as a form of religious organisation of the different social groups of the time. and, over time, became a fundamental part of the cultural and social life of the city.

In the Holy Week processions in Malaga, the brotherhoods parade with their floats, which are large carved wooden structures depicting religious scenesThe floats, such as the Passion of Christ or the Virgin Mary, are carried on the shoulders of the so-called "pasos". These pasos are carried on the shoulders of the so-called "pasos". "costaleros".These are the members of the brotherhood who carry the weight of the pasos.

Holy Week Procession Malaga

In short, Holy Week in Malaga is a religious celebration with a long tradition which has been kept alive over the centuries. It is a festival that combines religiosity with culture and art, and has become a fundamental part of the city's identity and heritage. Don't hesitate any longer and come and enjoy Easter Week in Malaga with us!We are waiting for you!

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