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Legends of Malaga that you don't know

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One of the most terrifying nights of the year is coming up on October 31st and it is also the day of the dead. From Visitanddo.com we would like you to know some of the the most famous Malaga legends of the province so that you can tell them to your friends and family.. Also, learn about the origins of this popular festival and where it comes from.

Discover the locations where the films take place and explore their breathtaking scenery.

5 Legends of Malaga that you don't know

El cortijo Jurado - Malaga's most famous cursed house

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Cortijo Jurado in Malaga

Cortijo Jurado is one of the most legendary houses in Malaga. Among all the mysteries that lie ahead, some of the most popular begin with the death of the patriarch of the Heredia family. disappearances of young girls who were murdered and found not far from the house with marks of satanic rites.

It is said that the victims were taken through secret tunnels and tortured with machines in cellars located in the farmhouse.

It is not known whether these are invented events, but it is certain that the underground passages The tunnels of the Cortijo Jurado exist and are accessible from the house itself, although for the more morbid, unfortunately these tunnels cannot be walked through as they are closed off by a concrete wall.

On the way to the excursion to the Caminito del Rey from Malaga you can see this mysterious house from the road, near Campanillas.

La Peña de los enamorados - The most romantic peak between Antequera and Archidona

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Views of the Peñón de los Enamorados from Antequera

Between the monumental towns of Antequera and Archidona lies the history between Tello and Tazgona.

Legend has it that Tello, a Christian soldier, was imprisoned in Archidona Castle. Tazgona, daughter of the city's ruler, freed Tello from prison. Tazgona's father did not approve of the love of these lovers. because they belong to opposing sides and religious creeds.

Therefore, the young people decided to run away togetherBut this went awry as they were pursued by Arab troops. In the face of such persecution, the young lovers climbed to the top of what is known today as the "La Peña de los Enamorados" (The Rock of Lovers) and threw themselves from the top, thus ending both their lives and their love, of which they did not approve.

Since then, this rock, which reminiscent of the face of a person lying downYou can find it halfway between Antequera and Archidona.

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La Mina del Tajo - The secrets of the house of the Moor King of Ronda

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Gardens of the House of the Moorish King in Ronda

This mine is located in the Gardens of the House of the Moorish King in RondaThe 200 steps were excavated by taking advantage of one of the cracks in the Tajo de Ronda that lead to the Guadalevín river.

It was King Abomelic, one of the last Muslim kings of Ronda, who had this mine built so that his daughter could go down to the Guadelvín river to bathe..

According to the research surrounding this legend, its construction origin is not entirely clear and dates back to ancient Al-Andalus. In addition to the fact that its main function was not the one that was initially claimed, it was the access to a secret door to leave the city.

You can visit the Moorish King's House during your free time in the excursion to Ronda from MalagaHowever, be careful with the door, as it is currently closed by a concrete block.

La Casa Rúa - A haunted house in the Ronda mountain range

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Ruins of the Rúa house in Ronda

There are many stories about the Serranía de Ronda, some of which are the most popular legends of Malaga. It is a stately home known as Casa Rúa or Villa Apolo.

The Casa Rúa has a dramatic history It was inhabited by a wealthy family with children, under the surname Rúa. The family had hired the services of people to look after the children, suspiciously one day one of the girls disappeared without a trace.

On another night one of the nannies in charge of the children disappeared and the parents of the family went to the tower just outside the house to see if she was there, to their surprise they did not find the nannyThe girl was dead and dismembered, drowned in her own blood in a large basin.

In disgust, the parents hired detectives to find the culprit of such a heinous event, but the killer was never found.

Legend has it that around the house can be heard the cries of parents to see his daughter in that state, and that the ghost of the girl still haunts the tower of the house in search of revenge.

The Rúa house is currently in a state of disrepair with a lot of graffiti. You can see it by the route of the white villages of Malaga. Do you dare?

However, if what you want is an excursion enjoying the authentic landscapes of the Sierra de Ronda and Setenil, we recommend you the excursion to Ronda and Setenil de las Bodegas from Malaga.

The bride and groom's pond

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Pools of the Guadalmina River in Benahavís

The Guadalmina River flows through the municipality of Benahavís. It is a canyon carved out by the flow of the river offering the opportunity to cool off in its narrow passages and pools.

It is in one of them that the following story is told, and according to legend a young girl who was enjoying swimming in the waters of the Guadalmina river disappeared underwater.. Her partner tried to rescue her but she also mysteriously disappeared.

As of today this pool is called "Charco de los novios". and you can visit it to cool off in the hottest season on the Costa del Sol. We hope the waters of this river don't trap you in its depths!

He enjoys watching the scenes of the legends of Malaga from the bus on one of our excursions.

The origins of the feasts of the dead

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Carved pumpkin for Halloween

Halloween Party

Halloween is one of the most popular celebrationsIt is celebrated in Spain and all over the world on the night of the 31st of October. This festival has its origins in the ancient Celtic peoples, popularly known as the to celebrate the end of summer and commemorate the harvest season. According to Celtic beliefs, the Celts believed that "Samhain", the dead returned to visit the world of the living, and for this reason they left food and sweets outside their homes as an offering.

In addition, the carving of the vegetables was thought to protect them from the spirits of the dead and candles were lit to help the souls of the dead find their way to the light. This pagan festival later became Christianised and by its translation from the English "All Hallow's Evethe word "Halloween" was born.

Later on, the pumpkin became the main element of this festivity and this reached the United States where it became popular to celebrate this festivity and later on it has been known and celebrated all over the world. "Witches' Night.

All Saints' Day

On 1 November, the traditional Christian holiday known as the "All Saints' Day. It comes from Pope Gregory IV choosing that day because the aim of the church was to eliminate all pagan celebrations and they thought that moving the feast to the 1st of November instead of the night of the 31st of October, as the pagan celebration of the Celtic New Year indicated, new believers would gradually abandon their old beliefs.

One of the traditions to be highlighted in Spain is that of the visiting the graves of loved ones to show that they are still remembered. For this reason, flowers are brought and the graves are tidied up.

All Souls' Day

In contrast to All Saints' Day, there is Day of the Dead. It is celebrated on 2 November and consists of celebrating different requiem massesa plea for the souls of the dead.

Its origin was established by the Benedictine monk Saint Odilon of Cluny. Its most famous celebration is in Mexico where the figure of "La Catrina" is related to it and in general in Latin America where altars are decorated with flowers accompanied by the favourite food of the deceased..

If you want to know more, keep reading the traditions and festivals of Malaga and its province more interesting and don't miss out on the details.

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