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What to do in Nerja with children

What to do in Nerja with Children

To discover what to do in Nerja with children is to enter a corner where the crystal clear waters of the Costa del Sol embrace the coastline, making Nerja the perfect destination for a family holiday full of charm and fun. Its captivating fusion of coastline, history and culture offers young and old alike a wide range of activities to enjoy.

What to see in Ardales

What to see in Ardales

Ardales is a hidden treasure in the province of Malaga. In this post we will explore together what makes this village a must-see place, highlighting some of the gems to see in Ardales, as it is a destination that dazzles with its natural beauty and rich history. From picturesque landscapes to historic monuments, Ardales [...]

What to see in Frigiliana with children

What to see in Frigiliana with children

With its cobbled streets, panoramic viewpoints and cultural events, Frigiliana is the ideal destination to immerse yourself in authentic village life with the little ones, exploring all the things to see in Frigiliana with children. This beautiful town is one of the prettiest white villages on the Costa del Sol, [...]

Romantic getaway in Andalusia: 4 destinations not to be missed

romantic getaway in Andalusia

Embark on a unique experience with our proposal for a romantic getaway in Andalusia! From Visitanddo.com we invite you to discover the places to visit in Andalusia as a couple. We want to show you the charm and magic that this region of southern Spain has to offer. Discover the charm of Ronda, where its breathtaking landscapes are intertwined with [...]

5 Must-sees in Seville's El Arenal neighbourhood

The Arenal of Seville

The Arenal neighbourhood in Seville is an area that stands out for its history, vitality and strategic location next to the Guadalquivir River. This neighbourhood, located in the heart of the city, has witnessed historical and cultural events over the centuries. In its cobbled streets, traditional Sevillian architecture blends with the [...]

La Torre del Oro : What to see in Seville

Seville Gold Tower

The Torre del Oro, together with the Plaza de España in Seville, is one of the most emblematic monuments of this jewel of the south that is Seville. The tower is an ancient defensive construction located on the left bank of the Guadalquivir River, specifically, on the Paseo de Colón, and on the opposite bank, is the Barrio de [...]

The Murillo Gardens | What to see in Seville

monument Murillo Gardens in Seville

A visit to the Murillo Gardens becomes an enchanting experience as it merges with Seville's picturesque Barrio de Santa Cruz. Strolling through these exquisite gardens, one senses the serene beauty of its flowerbeds and fountains, creating an idyllic ambience that contrasts harmoniously with the vibrant, labyrinthine energy of Santa Cruz.

What to see and do in Frigiliana

What to see and do in Frigiliana

Frigiliana, a hidden treasure in the province of Malaga, captivates visitors with its traditional charm, cobbled streets and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. This picturesque whitewashed village offers a unique experience, where history intertwines with whitewashed architecture and the aromas of Andalusian cuisine waft through the air. Considered one of [...]

Las Cuevas de Nerja: everything you need to know

The Caves of Nerja

In the picturesque town of Nerja, in the province of Malaga, hides a natural treasure that has fascinated visitors and locals alike: the Nerja Caves. Discovered in 1959 by a group of amateur explorers, these caves not only dazzle with their impressive geological formations, but they also tell the story of [...]

10 essential things to see in Nerja

10 essential things to see in Nerja

On the southern coast of Spain, in the Costa del Sol region, lies the charming town of Nerja. With its crystal clear beaches, rich history and picturesque atmosphere, Nerja has become a popular tourist destination offering a unique blend of relaxation and exploration. Next, from [...]

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