Where to eat in Granada: The best places to eat tapas in Granada

Where to eat in Granada

La ciudad de Granada además de ser famosa por su Alhambra también es famosa por su gastronomía, y es que sin duda las tapas de Granada son un reclamo turístico. Así que te preguntarás cuál es la mejor zona para tapear en Granada. A continuación, te facilitamos una lista de sitios donde comer en Granada, […]

What to buy in Gibraltar?

main street - Main street in Gibraltar

Gibraltar tiene muchas atracciones de interés que llama la atención a miles de personas cada año para ir a visitarla, ubicada en el sur de España, perteneciendo como territorio de ultramar del Reino Unido. ¿Por qué es popular ir de compras en Gibraltar? Gibraltar es una zona libre de impuestos locales, convirtiéndose así en uno […]

Travel to Morocco over the long weekend in December

Travelling to Morocco December long weekend

Travelling to Morocco is more than just getting an extra stamp in your passport, it is more than collecting landscapes, handicrafts or gastronomy. Escape on a trip to Morocco from Malaga, you will enjoy it with all five senses. Choose Morocco over the long weekend as a destination on your list of things to do from Andalusia. Its rich culture [...]

How long does it take to see the Alhambra?

how long does it take to see the alhambra?

Visiting one of the most famous architectural complexes in the world is one of the 10 must-see things to do in Granada, that is, seeing the Alhambra is something you have to do if you are planning a visit to Granada. One of the most common questions to ask is how long does it take to see the Alhambra? From [...]

Getaway in Granada

ctedral granada

Whether it's during the week or at the weekend, it's always a good time to organise a getaway in Granada, and get to know all that this emblematic city has to offer. Discovering the Alhambra, the Generalife gardens and the Albaicín in a weekend are unforgettable memories. After a night out, the tables of [...]

The Gibraltar Cable Car

gibraltar cable car landscape

There are several options to go up to the Rock of Gibraltar and visit all the attractions there. In this post we will explain the different options, as well as our recommendation, which is to do it using the Gibraltar cable car. If we start from the premise that it is not possible to drive a non-resident vehicle [...]

Whale and Dolphin Watching in Gibraltar

dolphins in the strait of gibraltar

In the Strait of Gibraltar, up to 7 species of wild cetaceans can be regularly sighted in their natural habitat. Some are resident species in this area, such as the common dolphin, striped dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and common pilot whale. However, at certain times of the year other species can also be observed, such as the Orca, the common dolphin, the common [...]

Game of Thrones Route in Andalusia and The House of the Dragon

game of thrones scenarios spain

Much of the success of the series was in part due to its incredible and characteristic scenery, so much so that tourist visits have increased in Northern Ireland, Croatia, Malta, Iceland, Morocco, but the Game of Thrones Spain scenery has also stood out. Do you know all the locations by provinces where the protagonists of the Seven Kingdoms have walked [...]

The Route of the 5 White Villages of Malaga

Frigiliana, 5 white villages Malaga

The famous Route of the White Villages of Andalusia includes several towns located between the Serranías de Ronda, the Sierra de Grazalema and Los Alcornocales, in the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz. However, in today's post we are going to take you on a tour of the White Villages of Malaga. Do you know the 5 villages [...]

What to see in Malaga at Christmas

malaga christmas

In recent years, it has become a tourist attraction to visit Malaga at Christmas, despite being the birthplace of the beach and the sun, boasting an average of almost 300 days of sunshine a year, the city of Malaga has been chosen by European Best Destinations among the most beautiful cities in the world.