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Lugros, the Enchanted Forest of Granada

Enchanted Forest of Granada

When you think of Granada, images of the majestic Alhambra or the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada are likely to spring to mind. However, deep within this Andalusian province hides a well-kept secret that will transport you to a world of magic and mystery. A route through Lugros, [...]

5 curiosities of Cádiz

Curiosities of Cádiz, we discover what few people know about it.

Nestled on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, Cadiz is a city that oozes history from every corner and has witnessed thousands of years of cultural and architectural evolution. This corner of Spain, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and bathed by the Andalusian sun, is much more than just beaches and landscapes [...]

Curiosities of Jerez de la Frontera

Curiosities of Jerez

From Visitanddo.com we tell you 8 Curiosities of Jerez de la Frontera that maybe you didn't know: Jerez de la Frontera is a city located in the province of Cadiz, in the south of Spain. With a rich history, a centuries-old winemaking tradition and an impressive cultural heritage, Jerez has become one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Curiosities of the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba

the Jewish quarter of Cordoba

The Jewish Quarter of Cordoba is a place with a fascinating history dating back centuries. Its narrow streets, its rich cultural heritage and its historical importance make this neighbourhood a popular point of interest in the city of Cordoba. From Visitanddo.com we tell you 7 curiosities of the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba that you will not [...]

Top 5 Best Sunsets in Malaga

best sunsets in Malaga

Enjoying sunsets in Malaga is a truly special experience. This city, bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean, has a wide variety of places from where you can admire breathtaking sunsets. Whether from the golden beaches, the hills surrounding the city, the panoramic viewpoints or the terraces overlooking the sea, the sunsets can be enjoyed from [...]

The best typical wines of Malaga

best wines of Malaga

Do you want to know which is the typical wine of Malaga, don't worry, because from visitanddo, a reliable company for your excursions in Andalusia, in this post we will detail the best typical wines of Malaga and where to taste them. Malaga is known for its wine tradition, it has a wide range of wines (reds, whites, rosés, rosés, etc.).

El Puente de Triana: What to see in Seville

The Triana Bridge is an iconic bridge that crosses the Guadalquivir River in Seville. It connects the Triana neighbourhood, located to the west of the river, with the historic centre of Seville to the east.

The Triana Bridge, along with La Giralda, is an iconic bridge that spans Seville's Guadalquivir River, linking the heart of the city with the charming neighbourhood of Triana. This makes it a popular stop-off point for both residents and tourists exploring the city. In addition, from the bridge, [...]

5 things you might not know about the Rock of Gibraltar

Curiosities of the Rock of Gibraltar

Welcome to a unique adventure in the heart of Southern Europe! The Rock of Gibraltar awaits you with open arms to reveal a world of wonder and curiosities. This imposing promontory, steeped in history and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, is much more than just a geographical point. From its famous colony of [...]

La Giralda of Seville: What to see in Seville

The Giralda of Seville

Seville is a city that captivates all who visit, whether it be for its rich history, exciting culture and Andalusian charm. In this city you can find everything from iconic monuments to picturesque neighbourhoods. However, when you think of Seville, the Giralda is one of the first images that come to mind. This [...]

Malaga Fair 2024

The poster 'Asómbrate en la Feria', by Juan Carlos Moriel Coronado

Malaga Fair 2024 from the 17th to the 24th of August The Malaga Fair 2024 is one of the most important festivals that takes place every year in the city of Malaga. As always Malaga in this fair 2024 has something for everyone, from food and drink to music and dance. From [...]

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