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New Bridge of Ronda

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Ronda is a city located on the top of a mountainbetween two natural parks, Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra de Grazalema. If you have ever visited this town, you will have undoubtedly crossed the New Bridge, one of the most emblematic monuments of the city of Malaga. Located in the historic centre, near the Alameda del Tajo Park and the Real Maestranza bullring.

The New Bridge is 98 metres high and is made of stone quarried from the bottom of the gorge known as the "New Bridge".Tajo de Ronda"This gorge, which divides the old part of the city from the new, is a gorge carved out by the river. This gorge carved out by the river Guadalevín is about 500 metres long and 100 metres deep.

History of the New Bridge of Ronda

New bridge, the Ronda gorge
New Bridge of Ronda, Malaga.

Did you know that several unsuccessful attempts were made before the New Bridge of Ronda was built? In the 16th century the first attempt was made to build a bridge in the deepest part of the gorge excavated by the Guadalevín river, motivated by the needs of Ronda's growth. This is the Roman Bridgelocated at the entrance to the famous Tagus. Despite its name, it was built during the Arab domination.

The construction of the so-called "Old Bridge". dates from 1616. It consists of a single arch 35 metres in diameter, which rested directly on the rock on both sides of the gorge. It was the second of the bridges that the city enjoyed until the construction of the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), hence its current name. The work was completed in eight months, however, due to its poor execution, six years later it collapsed over the river, causing around 50 deaths..

It was in 1759 that work began on the present-day "Puente Nuevo"by the architect of the bridge was José Martín de Aldehuela. These works were completed in 1785, allowing the Mercadillo neighbourhood to be connected to the old quarter and also enabling the urban expansion of the city.

Curiosities about the New Bridge

Hidden stay at the New Bridge

As a curiosity, on the main arch of the New Bridge there is a small window, which is a a hidden room. It was first a prison and later an inn. Today it is a centre for the interpretation of the surroundings, the history and the city, where photos and videos of the history of the Puente Nuevo are shown.

The viewpoint known as the "Balcón del Coño".

As a curiosity, the viewpoint close to the New Bridge is known as the "New Bridge".Pussy Balcony". It has been given this name because of the sensation it evokes when you lean forward, many people let out such an outburst before leaning back. This viewpoint is located on the Paseo de la Alameda.

Birdwatching place in the Tajo de Ronda

In addition to the scenic value of the Ronda gorge, it is worth highlighting the interest of this enclave as a place of bird watching. Due to the height of the cliff which reaches 140 metres, as well as the various viewpoints at different heights, offer the opportunity to observe birds in flight and the nests of peregrine falcons or red-billed jackdaws through the telescope.

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