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The 10 best Andalusian patios in Seville

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The Andalusian patios are an expression of the Andalusian cultural identity and lifestyle. They are specially designed to provide shade and shelter from the intense summer heat that often occurs in southern Spain. They stand out mainly for their traditional architecturel with characteristic elements such as arches, columns, fountains, balconies and decorative tiles.

Below, we present the 10 best Andalusian patios in Sevilleall of them famous for their beauty and charm:

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1. Andalusian Patios: the striking patios of the Real Alcázar of Seville

royal courtyard alcazar
Courtyard of the Maidens in the Real Alcázar of Seville

In this case it is not an Andalusian courtyard as such, but it is a must on your visit to Seville. The courtyards of the Real Alcázar of Seville (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site) are a real architectural gem.

This royal palace has beautiful courtyards that combine Islamic and Christian elements. It is worth mentioning the Courtyard of the Maidenswith its exquisite architecture and lush gardens. But we also recommend you to visit another one like the Gypsum Courtyardfamous for its Caliphal columns and the Dolls' Courtyard.

2. The courtyard inside the Palacio de las Dueñas

courtyard palace duenas
Courtyard of the Palacio de las Dueñas

This 15th century palace belonged to the family of the House of Alba. Its main courtyard, known as the Patio de las Doncellas, has beautiful galleries and tiles.

3. The great courtyard of the Casa de Pilatos

courtyard house pilate
Courtyard of the Casa de Pilatos

Another of the most famous Andalusian patios is Casa Pilatos. This Renaissance palace has an impressive main courtyard with tiles and fountains. It also has other smaller courtyards, such as the Patio de las Muñecas and the Patio del Crucero.

4. The beautiful courtyard of the Orange Trees

patio naranjos sevilla
Patio de los Naranjos in the Cathedral of Seville

most centrally located in the city: the legendary Orange Tree Courtyard of the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Sede.

From this former sahn two galleries of pointed arches persist, enclosing a leafy terrain full of aromatic orange trees

5. The courtyard of the Palace of Lebrija

courtyard palace lebrija
Courtyard of Lebrija

This 16th-century palace has a beautiful cobbled courtyard with a central well surrounded by columns and a fountain. It also houses an impressive collection of Roman mosaics.

6. The interior courtyard of the Hospital de los Venerables.

venerables hospital courtyard
Courtyard of the Hospital de los Venerables

This 17th century building houses a baroque-style courtyard with round arches and a central fountain. It is famous for its Sevillian tiles and its tranquillity.

7. The charming courtyard at Casa de los Pinelos

patio house pinelos
Courtyard of the Casa de los Pinelos

This Renaissance palace houses the Seville Museum of Fine Arts. Its central courtyard is a haven of peace, with a fountain and elegant architecture. The colours of albero yellow and crimson red invade the courtyard of the hallway

8. The inner courtyard of the Salinas Palace-House

patio house salinas
Inner courtyard of the Salinas Palace

This Renaissance palace has one of the most beautiful Andalusian patios in the city. It has an interior courtyard with arches and columns, surrounded by galleries and a fountain. It is known for its architectural details and its charm. A fountain in Arabic style makes everyone who sets foot here fall in love with it.

9. The beautiful courtyard of the well-known Museum of Fine Arts.

fine arts museum courtyard
Courtyard of the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville

10. The courtyard of the Hospital de la Caridad

charity hospital courtyard
Courtyard of the Hospital de la Caridad

This 17th century building has a central courtyard surrounded by columns and a garden with orange trees. It is famous for its architecture and its paintings by Valdés Leal in the Capilla de los Bucles.

Exploring the Andalusian patios is a unique experience that immerses you in the rich culture and architectural beauty of Andalusia.

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